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Dust reduction

January 16, 2020

Case: Dust reduction at production facility in De Lier


The development of dust is a known problem in our industry and the formation of dust depends mostly on whether or not the production location is covered and what types of raw materials are produced at the site. As an example, at our production location in Grubbenvorst (NL) where we produce casing soil for the mushroom industry, we do not have problems with the formation of dust due to the wetness of the problem. On the other hand, at our production facility in De Lier (NL) where we produce our substrates for the professional and re-tail industry, we handle mostly dry raw materials which often results in the formation of dust.


At our production site in de Lier, all the raw materials have been stored inside the factory as we are situated  between other companies and can’t cause any inconvenience to our next-door neighbors. Our raw materials are stored inside the production site and to reduce dust formation we use sprinkler systems that prevent dust through moisture. Through a time control system, they distribute moisture evenly at certain points of time. Further, our loaders are equipped with over pressured cabins (this is a wish for the future, not operational yet) to ensure that whatever dust remains at the production site does not affect the health of our employees.


An independent company is hired to conduct a dust measurement once every year. This gives us an indication the dust that is present on the floor and, additionally, how the formation of dust is reduced through our actions. Through these measurements we can also adjust the timer of the sprinkler systems to ensure that dust is adequately handled.