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Grow22 Festival

A two-day virtual event that brings together industry leaders, policy makers and green industry representatives to discuss and develop the horticulture and growing industry. 

Grow22 Festival took place on 1st and 2nd of March 2022.

Grow22 agenda Grow22 video lounge Grow22 speakers

Horticulture and the growing industry play a fundamental role in our daily lives. From the food grown near us to the urban green environments, we depend on the life that is born and nurtured in growing media. 

Grow22 will focus on expanding and deliberating on the challenges, demands and innovation that drive the development of sustainability in the horticulture and growing industry.

Many remember Nina already from last year’s Grow 21 as an inspiring host and moderator with great conversation skills and in-depth knowledge of the topics we are discussing. This year she feels even more thrilled to take up the same task.

”I feel privileged to be part of this event with so many awesome guests and to be present when completely new ideas and stories emerge. To join our mission to lead the way, sign up and get ready for the Grow22 festival!”

Day 1 – Growing media at the foundation of safe green food

Grow22 focused on building understanding of the complex issues and strategies involved in the transition to a more sustainable green industry. 

The first day kicked off the event with visionary speakers and stakeholders sharing their experiences and knowledge in the lead up to a panel discussion seeking direction and solutions for our lives and businesses.

Day 2 – Ensuring a safe transition to a digital and circular economy

The second day of Grow22 shed light on the broad ecosystem and explore the best steps and milestones to take us towards a circular and a fully digitalised economy.

Grow22 Festival agenda


Mar. 1 Central European Time CET

Opening of Grow22

Vesa Tempakka, CEO Kekkilä-BVB and Guido Linders, Director Professional Growing, Kekkilä-BVB, will set the scene for the Grow22 Festival. The first day will focus on the future of growing media and safe food production.
Vesa Tempakka | CEO, Kekkilä-BVB
Guido Linders | Director BU Professional growing
Nina Kinnunen | Director, Sustainabilty, Brand & Communications

Preparing for the day after tomorrow - Ecosystem economy

Rik Vera, author, business philosopher and keynote speaker, is a renowned thought leader, advisor, and keynote speaker on customer centricity, change management, ecosystems and sales and marketing in a digital age. Rik mixes years of business experience at C-level with humour and passion to inspire companies to develop customer-centric strategies fit for a connected world. In his keynote at the Grow22 event, Rik will provide us insights on how our food production is changing, how the industry should prepare for that, and what businesses should focus on in the post-Covid-19 world. Only if we see our industry and the economy as one big ecosystem can we understand our role and prepare for the future.
Rik Vera | Business philosopher, Author and Keynote speaker

Future of growing media

What are the parameters for a high-quality growing media and why is quality so important in our demanding task to feed the world? We as the industry are at the foundation of growth and need to take our responsibility for clean, hygienic, high quality growing media seriously. Cecilia Luetgebrune, Secretary General at Growing Media Europe, has a proven track record in representing the growers while building relationships to European decision makers. She has a deep knowledge of the EU and environmental policies and has a perfect vantage point for the future of growing media. At Grow 22, Cecilia will tell us also about the role of peat, what kind of options we for it in the future and on what timeframe can we see results in the research and development.
Cecilia Luetgebrune | Secretary General at Growing Media Europe

Finding new solutions for growing media

The growing industry is looking for new, fully circular solutions to replace and complement the current materials. Where are we now in finding those solutions? Is it possible to find something that can give same growth results with smaller environmental impact? In a discussion at Grow 22, we will meet one of the leading experts in horticultural research, Chris Blok from Wageningen University, together with another experienced professional Edward Sibeijn, COO and Co-founder of MEZT, an innovative company accelerating the transition to sustainable and circular processes in farming. They will be hosted by Marck Hagen, Innovation Director at Kekkilä-BVB. Together they will tell us about the latest milestones in the research and development of growing media, and what are currently the major roadblocks we need to overcome before we reach full circularity.
Chris Blok | Project manager, Greenhouse Horticulture, Wageningen University Research
Adriaan Lieftinck | Co-founder and CEO, MEZT
Marck Hagen | Innovations Director, Kekkilä-BVB

Sustainable growing – case study Sikes Champignons

How does a leading mushroom nursery see the future of its business? How have they made their success and how do they see mushroom growing in 2050? Sikes Chmapignons is one of the biggest mushroom nurseries in the world, producing around 330 tons per week. The company has been a pioneer in the sustainable utilization of side streams of mushroom growing, among other things. What makes their mushroom growing sustainable and what are the latest innovations that have enabled Sikes to get better and better in this matter? We will hear an interesting success story told by the entrepreneur, inspirer and innovator himself. Gerard Sikes’ presentation will include several best practice examples that help us understand how circularity and better sustainability can be achieved.
Gerard Sikes | CEO, Sikes Champignons

Panel discussion: We are all in this together - opportunities and challenges in securing safe food production

We are all in this together – securing safe food production also in the future requires careful reflection, wise decisions, and collaboration of all stakeholders in the ecosystem. In the panel discussion, we will collect the thoughts from Day 1 and look for ways how we could do more together to ensure a safe green transition in the future. What is the role of growing media and what are the biggest challenges for the growers regarding the food safety? The panel discussion will be moderated by Nina Kinnunen, Director Sustainability, Brand & Communications.
Erik Gipmans | Director, Gipmans
Marco Zevenhoven | Operational Director, RHP
Marck Hagen | Innovations Director, Kekkilä-BVB
Nina Kinnunen | Director, Sustainability, brand & Communications, Kekkilä-BVB

Closing Day 1

Guido Linders | Director, BU Professional growing
Nina Kinnunen | Director, Sustainability, Brand & Communication


Mar. 2 Central European Time CET

Opening Day 2

Vesa Tempakka, CEO of Kekkilä-BVB and Tiia Kujanpää, BU Retail and BU Landscaping & Recycling will set the scene for the Day 2 of the Grow22 Festival. The second day will focus on the retail going on-line and circular economy.
Vesa Tempakka | CEO, Kekkilä-BVB
Tiia Kujanpää | Director, BU Retail and BU Landscaping & Recycling

The digital transformation of retail, online and offline

The world is going digital at astonishing rates. Since Covid hit, some businesses have seen digital sales triple. It’s now expected that Britons will spend over 22 years of their lives online. New shopping channels and experiences are grabbing customer spend. And customer expectations are rising yet again. What does this mean for how you serve, educate and entertain customers - both online and offline? Cate Trotter is one of the world’s most renowned retail trend experts. As Head of Trends at Insider Trends, she helps brands such as Chanel, Samsung, Mercedes-Benz, Aggregate Industries and Nike to innovate and create world-leading retail ecosystems.  At Grow 22, Cate Trotter will explore what digital transformation means for the gardening and green industries. Using examples from our sector and related industries, she’ll show you where retail is heading and will share new ways to boost turnover and lower costs. Join us to get inspired and get new ideas you can apply to your business.
Cate Trotter | Head of Trends at Insider Trends

E-commerce – They are already there: online gardening shops

A good strategy plays a crucial role in the transition to digital. Why going online is important for everyone in our industry and which e-commerce strategies will be the winners? Kvadrant is an acclaimed Copenhagen-based management consultancy specializing in value-adding sales and marketing transformation for global B2B companies. At Grow 22, they will give us their view on the future of online shopping. What does transition to digital mean for gardening and food businesses – and for the traditional value chain? The presentation will help you to evaluate which online services you should focus on and which of those services are most urgent and crucial for your business.

Going online – Best practices, case study - Blomsterlandet

What have been the biggest changes in the gardening business in recent years and what will the future look like? The pandemics have pushed consumers more and more to online shops. What does that mean for the garden shops. Tirdad Zadeh of Blomsterlandet and Kaarina Sillanpää of Kekkilä-BVB will discuss the process of creating the ecommerce plan for Blomsterlandet and further developing it, the opportunities and challenges during past years.
Tirdad Zadeh | Ecommerce manager, Blomsterlandet
Andreas Karlsson | Blomsterlandet, Area Supply Chain Manager
Kaarina Sillanpää | Digital Engagement Manager, Kekkilä-BVB

Panel discussion: Future packaging – replacing fossil materials with new and recycled materials

Packaging is one of the most concrete targets in our task to improve sustainability and recyclability in the green industry. Easier said than done, however! What are the latest developments in terms of packaging solutions, and can we apply those in gardening and horticulture? Discussing about this at Grow 22 are representatives from two very promising and highly innovative start-up companies. Nature’s Principles develops and implements fermention-based biotechnological solutions to replace oil-based technologies with more sustainable alternatives. Brightplus is an innovative renewable materials manufacturing company specialised in design and development of new functional properties for industrial biomaterial solutions. What are the hottest new sustainable solutions to replace plastics in gardening products? Are they fit for purpose, and how can we meet the potential challenges in these alternative packaging materials? You will find answers to this and many other questions in this panel discussion.
Jarkko Leivo | Technology Director, Brightplus
Jules Rombouts | Founder & Director, Natures Principles
Marck Hagen | Innovations Director, Kekkilä-BVB

Circular economy – Putting the industry side streams in efficient use, opportunities and challenges of circularity in food production and building green cities

More and more industries are moving their eyes to the circularity – either voluntarily or as the legislation and the operating conditions around them are changing. What would a circular horticulture ecosystem look like and how can the transition be made responsibly so that we secure a safe food production also in the future? What are the biggest challenges in increasing the level of circularity? This high-level panel ending Day 2 will try to find answers to these hot topics and discuss the incremental role of growing media in contributing to the circular economy. Panelists include circular economy experts, policy makers and representatives from the growing industry. The panel is hosted by Folkert Moll who works as a Sustainability Manager at Kekkilä-BVB.
Alexander Boedjin | Researcher, Wageningen University & Research
William Neale | Circular Economy Adviser, European Commission DG ENVI
Gerard Sikes | Sikes Champignons
Dr Ilmari Absetz | Director of Programs, Bio and Circular Economy, Business Finland
Jussi Kankainen | Business Manager, Landscaping & Recycling, Finland, Kekkilä-BVB
Folkert Moll | Sustainability Manager

Closing of the Day 2

Tiia Kujanpää | Director, BU Retail and BU Landscaping & Recycling
Nina Kinnunen | Director, Sustainability, Brand & Communications

Grow22 Specials

Grow22 Green City Special:  Trudo tower – The first vertical forest in Northern Europe

March 2, 2022.  13.00 – 13.45 Central European Time

An interactive webinar about the first vertical forest in the North of Europe. A unique  Trudo Tower is a 70 meter high residential tower with a vertical forest in The Netherlands.

In this webinar Martijn Verberne, senior gardener and project leader of DuPré and Jarno van Veelen of BVB Landscaping will discuss the key issues involved in the construction and design for the growing areas of the tower. You will learn everything about the substrate trials, irrigation and fertilization and the planting, construction and extraordinary maintenance of a vertical forest.

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Grow22 retail special: Category management in changing green categories in retail.

Jeroen van de Pol, Partner and Owner of Category & Trade Company is hosted by Rein Donselaar, Account Manager of Kekkilä-BVB in this informative and thought provoking discussion.

Local webinars

Alla Kekkilän webinaarit suomeksi. Nedan finns Hasselfors Gardens webbinarier på svenska.

Medialle: Vinkkejä omien herkkujen kasvattamiseen ja kestävään puutarhanhoitoon

1.3.2022, klo 14.00 – 14.45 Suomen aikaa

Mitä inspiroivaa pihoilla ja parvekkeille voisi tehdä ensi kesänä? Pari vuotta kestänyt puutarhainnostus ei näytä laantuvan, ja etenkin oman ruoan kasvattamiseen kaivataan sisältöjä. Tomaatti – vuoden 2022 vihannes – herättää intohimoja, ja moni haluaisi onnistua sen kasvattamisessa. Puutarhakatteet on uudenlainen tapa toteuttaa piha, hyvä vaihtoehto esim. nurmikolle pienissä pihoissa. Tule mukaan inspiroitumaan, ja kysymään asiantuntijoilta. Tietokirjailija ja toimittaja Johanna Vireaho ja puutarha-asiantuntija Mari Kaartokallio kertovat ja vastailevat kysymyksiisi.

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Kekkilän kierrätyspalvelut marjanviljelijöille

2.3.2022, klo 14.00 – 14.45 Suomen aikaa

Vastuullisuus on osa ruoantuotantoa ja Kekkilä haluaa edistää tuotteidensa kiertotaloutta sekä tukea asiakkaidensa kestävyystavoitteita. Kierrätyspalveluiden projektiasiantuntija Petra Salonen kertoo kuinka Kekkilä käsittelee käytettyjä kasvualustoja, ja kuinka kasvualustojen kiertotalous toimii. Käytännön kokemuksia kasvualustakierrätyksestä jakamaan saapuu Mattilan Marjatilan yrittäjä Tarja Matomäki. Kauden 2022 marjanviljelyn tuotevalikoimasta ja uutuusraaka-aineesta kestävämpiin kasvualustoihin puhumassa on Kekkilä Professionalin aluemyyntipäällikkö Eija Lankinen.

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Saavuta kestävyystavoitteesi – Kekkilän uudet kasvualustat

2.3.2022, klo 15.00 -15.45 Suomen aikaa

Kekkilä Viherrakentaminen esittelee uudet kiertotaloustuotteet, joissa kierrätysraaka-ainepitoisuus on peräti 80 %. Kauden uutuustuotteet on tarkoitettu erityisesti kohteisiin, joissa pyritään minimoimaan neitseellisten raaka-aineiden käyttöä sekä rakentamisen kokonaispäästöjä.

Viherrakentamisen ja Kierrätyspalveluiden liiketoimintapäällikkö Jussi Kankainen kertoo, mitä Kekkilässä tehdään kestävän ympäristörakentamisen tavoitteiden edistämiseksi. Uusien kiertotaloustuotteiden käytöstä, raaka-aineista ja teknisistä ominaisuuksista on puhumassa viherrakentamisen tuotepäällikkö Paulina Nyberg. Myyntipäällikkö Hannu Saranko vastaa tuotteiden saatavuuteen liityviin kysymyksiin.

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Torv, alternativa råvaror och cirkulära material  

En föreläsning av Pia Holmberg och Tereza Andersson

March 02, 2022 01:00 PM Europe/Stockholm

Vi erbjuder dig en transparant och öppen diskussion mellan våra två produktchefer Pia Holmberg och Tereza Andersson. Under 40 minuter fördjupar de sig i ämnet torv, dess inverkan på miljön och alternativa råvaror, cirkulära material och torvfri jord.

När du tagit del av denna innehållsrika paneldiskussion kommer du ha en god förståelse och kunna argumentera för såväl torvbaserad som torvfri jord, och förstå dess olika egenskaper. Du kommer även kunna ställa frågor som våra produktchefer besvara efter paneldiskussionen

Pia Holmberg – Hortonom och Hasselfors Gardens Produktchef och Produktspecialist sedan 32 år. Pia har många års erfarenhet av marknadsföring, produktutveckling och har även koll på internationell användning och utveckling av odlingsprodukter. Hasselfors Garden är medlemmar i Branschföreningen Svensk Torv där Pia Holmberg är styrelseordförande.

Tereza Andersson – Kommersiell Produktchef, Hasselfors Garden. Tereza har i många års tid arbetat internationellt inom produktion och produktutveckling, i samband med detta har hon följt den kommersiella utvecklingen inom sälj på nära håll. Att paketera en produkt på det mest kommersiella sätt är ett av hennes signum.

Vem riktar vi oss till?

Du som återförsäljare av Hasselfors Garden produkter, ägare, inköpare eller som är ansvarig för kategorin jord och gödsel.

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  • Hållbar trädgårdsodling
  • Vad gör torven unik?
  • Vad är det som gör torven ifrågasatt?
  • Hållbart torvbruk och efterbehandling (RPP)
  • Torvfritt
  • Alternativa råvaror
  • Kompost
  • Cirkulära material



Hasselfors Gardens Produktnyheter 2022

March 02, 2022 02:00 PM Europe/Stockholm

80 procent av köpbesluten fattas i butik. När kunden står framför dig och undrar vilken produkt som är bäst, då behöver du snabbt kunna ge svar och vägleda kunden till rätt produkt. Är du trygg med de produkter du säljer blir din kund trygg, och en nöjd kund kommer gärna tillbaka.

Pia Holmberg, Hortonom och Hasselfors Gardens Produktchef och Produktspecialist sedan 32 år. Pia har många års erfarenhet av marknadsföring, produktutveckling och har även koll på internationell användning och utveckling av odlingsprodukter. Dessutom styrelseordförande i Branschföreningen Svensk Torv.

Stefan Jacobsson – Försäljningschef, Hasselfors Garden sedan 2017. Stefan har jobbat i olika funktioner inom försäljning i mer än 25 år och har en stark drivkraft av att utveckla försäljningen ut ur butikerna och göra det enkelt för våra kunder att sälja rätt produkter.

Vi riktar oss till dig som säljer våra produkter.

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  • Årets produktnyheter
  • Produktförändringar
  • Torvfri jord
  • Täckmaterial




Two days of high-level keynotes, inspiring discussions and in-depth sessions that help us build understanding of the complex issues, strategies, and repercussions of our mission to create a more sustainable future for our industry. 


See also the recordings from Grow21 festival.