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0. Fit For Purpose

Effectiveness of our solutions is the starting point for any new development in our Sustainability Compass. If a solution is not fit for purpose it is a waste of energy, materials, water and labour for the whole value chain.

About the Sustainability Compass

Maximum score

For Fit For Purpose the maximum score is 1. When the raw material or product is aligned with the overall portfolio strategy, it adds both business and customer value. When this is not the case, a zero score will be given and the overall sustainability score will always be zero.

Calculating the score

For this aspect the final score is either 1 or 0. Both in case of a product and raw material the maximum score is 1 for Fit For Purpose.


When databases or certifications are needed to determine the score these are mentioned per aspect and explained in the Glossary. Specific references, used to determine thresholds are also mentioned and explained in the Glossary.

Open Glossary