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3. Circular

The more materials we use that are not mined and are regenerated in the short term, the easier it is to secure supply. Similarly, we need to ensure a valuable second life. This is all assessed in the Circular aspect in our Future Fit Framework.

About the Sustainability Compass

Maximum score

For determination of circularity of a raw material or product, a maximum of 30 points can be reached. The type of material, recycled content and possibility to provide a second life after use are all equally important for the final score.

Calculating the score

Per aspect the final score is a percentage calculated by dividing the actual score by the maximum score. In case of a Product the maximum score is 30, in case of a Raw Material this is 30 for this aspect.

Example calculation

You are calculating the score for a Product.

  • The product consist of 20% minerals and 80% quickly renewable material.
  • There is no second life

The determination of Circular for this example would be:  (9+8+0) / 30 = 57%.


When databases or certifications are needed to determine the score these are mentioned per aspect and explained in the Glossary. Specific references, used to determine thresholds are also mentioned and explained in the Glossary.

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