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Corporate Responsibility policy

Our Corporate Responsibility policy describes our operating principles in health & safety, environment, and quality matters. We follow it in all our Neova Group companies and operations. The policy and its implementation are directed by our management system, values, code of conduct, and strategic goals. We contribute to developing operations through continuous improvement and we encourage all our employees, partners, and customers to make observations and improvement proposals. We base everything we do on compliance with laws and regulations and transparency.

The main principles of the Neova Group Corporate Responsibility Policy, to which the management and the whole personnel are committed, are:

  • Health and safety is our first priority.

  • We favor sustainable solutions in our product development.

  • We minimize the harmful environmental impacts of our operations.

  • Our products correspond to quality specifications agreed together with our customers.

  • We are committed to constantly improving our operations.

Health and safety first!

We are committed to offering our employees, partners, and visitors a safe, healthy working environment by using methods that prevent injuries and accidents and promote well-being at work. Our aim is to influence people’s mindset so that they consider health and safety first in everything they do. We utilize our working instructions and the competence of our personnel to identify and mitigate risks and hazards. Our goal is zero accidents.

Environment – essential part of sustainability

We are committed to environmental protection. We monitor and reduce the environmental impacts of our operations based on the principles of continuous improvement. We prevent environmental degradation and monitor and reduce the environmental burden of our operations. We use natural resources sustainably and enhance biodiversity. We follow actions and targets set for our environmental work as a part of our sustainability work. We plan and take actions towards a carbon-neutral society. We boost circular economy by enhancing efficient recycling, utilizing recycled raw materials and encouraging a circular economy mindset during the innovation stage of new products. We develop our environmental responsibility based on open communication and open dialogue with stakeholders.

Quality – relying on continuous improvement

We address the diverse needs of our customers in order to ensure maximum customer loyalty and together create value to our customers. We base our actions and our attractiveness as a partner on our strong understanding of the end users of our products and services. We manage our operations so that we can anticipate our customers’ needs. We consider reliability
and high product and service quality essential for continuing our business. The products and services we deliver go thorough systematic product development process and they are safe.
We aim for high quality in everything we do by constantly improving our processes, operations, products and services proactively and sustainably. We set goals, measure our performance and take the needed corrective and preventive measures proactively as part of our management system.


This corporate responsibility policy has been approved by Neova Oy’s Board of Directors on 19th June 2019.