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Sustainability is at the core of our business

Sustainability is our licence to exist. The only way to increase our net impact is through co-creating with customers and partners sustainable innovations. In sustainability, there are no competitors. Only partners with whom you can grow together for a better tomorrow.

Our sustainability roadmap is guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and consists of four initiatives that will help us in our main target – improving our net positive impact every year. This means that we want continuously contribute more to the world than we take from it.

Our sustainability roadmap

The European Union has set ambitious goals in order to prevent the dangers of climate change. The target for 2030 includes cutting greenhouse emissions by 40 percent.

For the horticulture business in Europe this means opportunities and challenges. Driven by regulation and consumer demand, growers and landscapers who manage to meet or exceed the climate goals are sure to emerge as winners.

At Kekkilä-BVB, we are here to support our customers along the way. We have already developed tools such as the Environmental Cost Indicator concept, which helps our customers understand how choices related to sustainability impact their financial results. And by sharing our proven expertise in organic substrates with customers and partners, we can grow together for a better future.

Our sustainability roadmap consists of eight main targets with which we will ensure the improved sustainability in the whole value chain during the coming years.

Flourishing people

We want to take care of the wellbeing of our employees and our partners through ensuring equal opportunities, good working conditions, safe working environments and engaged employees. We will bring the joy of gardening to people to increase health, wellbeing and the community feeling.

Our target no. 1:

We enhance the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers and partners in the value chain

Our target nro. 2:

Kekkilä-BVB is an inclusive and inspiring workplace.

View cases:

- Becoming a great place to work - Sponsored community gardens brought immigrants together - Sustainability training through e-learning

Sustainable food & living

Our ambition is to create climate resilience by reducing the amount of carbon emissions in the value chain and aiming for a carbon neutral society by 2050 through collaboration with our suppliers and customers. Our efforts in innovations and partnerships aim to improve the sustainability of our solutions.

Our target no. 3:

Through collaboration with suppliers and customers we aim for a carbon neutral society.

Our target no. 4:

Our innovations contribute to sustainable solutions for growing, gardening and the built environment.

View cases:

- Emissions reduced with 40% changing to rails - Optimization of water management in landscaping business

Green growth & recycling

We want to increase the use of (local) circular raw materials. Our packaging should be designed in such a way that reuse or at least recycling is possible. By sharing knowledge and experience in the value chain we hope to contribute to a more circular economy. We take the full lifecycle sustainability into account when making circular choices.

Our target nro. 5:

Through collaboration we aim to create a more circular value chain and optimally use locally available raw materials.

Our target nro. 6:

Our own operations create zero waste.

View cases:

- Sphagnum moss a sustainable raw material View case: Sustainable packaging and our process - 80% recyclable plastic in German Retail Market

Biodiversity & restoration

We are continuously looking for ways to regenerate the ecosystems around us. Through our landscaping solutions we can contribute to green and biodiverse urban areas. In the sourcing of our materials, we make sure that production and harvesting is done in a responsible way.

Our target nro. 7:

We will enhance biodiversity in urban areas in a proven way.

Our target nro. 8:

We ensure that sourcing and processing of raw materials is done in an environmentally sustainable way.

View case: The harvesting of peat bogs

View cases:

- Rooftop garden Dubai - Rooftop garage Clausplein Eindhoven in Netherlands - Preserved 150-year old Elms in Kungsträdgården, Sweden