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8. Sustainable packaging

The packaging we use has to be weighed in the total score, as it should strive to be as sustainable as functionally possible. In our Sustainability Compass we take this as a separate aspect, making use of the same assessments, but focused on the packaging only.

About the Sustainability Compass

Maximum score

For determination of the score for Sustainable packaging, a maximum of 220 points can be reached. This aspect is not used for raw materials.

Calculating the score

Per aspect the final score is a percentage calculated by dividing the actual score by the maximum score. In case of a Product the maximum score is 220. This aspect is not used for raw materials.

Example calculation

You are calculating the score for a Product with Packaging.

Take the value of each of these previous aspects, and answer the questions with only packaging in mind:

Calculate the overall points aspect, sum all points up and divide them by the maximum of 220.


When databases or certifications are needed to determine the score these are mentioned per aspect and explained in the Glossary. Specific references, used to determine thresholds are also mentioned and explained in the Glossary.

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