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About us

Kekkilä-BVB is the European leader in horticulture. We provide products and services for professional greenhouse growers, consumers and landscapers to over 100 countries world wide. Together with our customers we grow for a better future.

Today, as the European leader in growing media, we export products for professional greenhouse growers to over 100 countries and provide products and services for greener life to landscapers and consumers in the Nordic countries and Central Europe.

Sustainable growth has always been at the core of our business. Challenges and possibilities such as CO2 reduction, water management, well-being through greener homes and cities as well as enabling plant-based food for the growing population of the world are where we focus now. We will utilize and develop our knowledge of sustainable horticultural solutions and products for the benefit of people and the planet. Together with our customers we will grow for a better future.

Kekkilä-BVB is a part of Finnish Neova Group. 

Purpose & vision

Our purpose is Creating Green Growth. Complemented with our vision “Growing smarter for healthier food and greener living” we have set our business strategy to provide horticultural solutions and products supporting sustainable business for our partners and customers. 

Our values guide our strategy and daily work.



Focus on customer success

Customer is always in the core of our strategy and daily work. Only together with our customers and partners we can thrive.

Achieving together

We cherish working together not only across our own organization but with our partners and customers alike to reach the higher goal –  more sustainable solutions for horticultural growing.

Courage to renew

The global mega trends set us all in front of new challenges. For that one of our values is promoting courage to renew. We want to be prepared and be part of the solution for the better future.

Trust through respect

We want to be the most trusted partner in growth for our customers, stakeholders and employees. That should always be visible in the way we behave and communicate.  As a multinational company we foster diversity. On daily basis we need to form new virtual teams to work for the benefit of our customers and partners. With trust we can achieve our goals in a productive, fast and efficient way.