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Growing together for a better future

Kekkilä-BVB is the European leader in horticulture. We provide products and services for professional greenhouse growers, consumers and landscapers to over 100 countries worldwide. Together with our customers we grow for a better future.


Grow22 festival – a two-day virtual event brought together industry leaders, policy makers and green industry representatives to discuss and develop the horticulture and growing industry. Watch the recordings and get inspired.


Focus on customer success

The customer is always in the core of our strategy and daily work. It’s only together with our customers and partners that we can thrive. We provide our customers with fit-for-purpose products and services, as well as professional advice on their specific circumstances.

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Our Businesses

We provide products and services for the professional growers and home gardeners, landscapers, horticultural raw material customers and bedding peat customers worldwide.

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Have you seen our new sustainability section?

Click here now to visit the new pages to find out what we have already done, what we are doing and what we plan to do to make our business, products & services more sustainable. Together with our partners, we are improving our sustainability day by day, project by project, by introducing new developments and solutions to ensure safe food production, enable green urban environments and help hobby gardeners enjoy their flowers and vegetables. It all starts with a fit for purpose growing medium.

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