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Finnish Kekkilä and Dutch BVB have joined forces, combining decades of horticultural know-how to create a new leader in organic substrates. The company comes at a time when the world needs to focus on sustainable growth more than ever.

A leader in European growth

In order to meet the demands of a growing population, global food production needs to increase over 70 percent in the next 35 years. Moreover, this needs to be achieved by using less water, less energy, and by producing less waste.

Thanks to smart technology, organic materials and tailored solutions we can offer professional growers, landscapers and consumers everywhere access to truly sustainable production.

We care for life, from plant to planet.

Professional Growing

Specialised, high-quality substrates, peat products and fertilizer for professional growers. With us professional growers can grow with confidence.

Retail and Consumer

Garden products and inspiration for the home gardeners. We want as many as possible to find the joy of growing.


High-quality landscaping soils and mulches. We promote circular economy and building of green spaces for citizens.

Kekkilä-BVB features vast and versatile production and supply capacity, unique R&D know-how, a global network of distributors and retailers, and a combined 250-million-euro turnover.

Europe's leading growing
media company

We will continue with our strong brands within professional and consumer growing, such as BVB Substrates, Kekkilä Professional, Kekkilä Garden, Hasselfors Garden, Jardino and Veenbaas.

The focus of the new organization is to work towards creating the means for sustainable everyday living around the world. Kekkilä-BVB is a part of Finnish Vapo Group.

Our code of conduct

Our sustainability plan

The European Union has set ambitious goals in order to prevent the dangers of climate change. While the target for 2030 includes cutting greenhouse emissions by 40 percent, European companies will need to produce 20 percent less greenhouse gases already by 2020 to stay on track.

For the horticulture business this means opportunities and challenges. Driven by regulation and consumer demand, growers and landscapers who manage to meet or exceed the climate goals are sure to emerge as winners.

At Kekkilä-BVB, we are here to support our customers along the way. We have already developed tools such as the Environmental Cost Indicator concept, which helps our customers understand how choices related to sustainability impact their financial results. And by sharing our proven expertise in organic substrates with customers and partners, we can grow together for a better future.

Our focus areas

Flourishing people

Creating joy, well-being and sense of meaning through growing.

Enabling net positive growing practices and contribute to sustainable communities.

Sustainable food & living

Enabling safe, plant–based food production globally.

Developing innovative new means of growing food in professional growing, homes and urban environments.

Green growth & recycling

Creating a sustainable circular product value chain.

Turning waste into growing media.

Biodiversity & restoration

Enhancing and contributing to biodiversity in bogs and urban environments.

Contributing significantly to carbon capturing.

Creating and implementing a climate and biodiversity positive life cycle for peat bogs and urban growing.

Our history

Hasselfors Garden founded

King Charles IV donated land to nobleman Henrik Falkenberg, who built Hasselforgarden ironworks there. The bogs surrounding the area were taken into use, and peat from them was used as a fuel for the ironworks.

BVB Substrates founded

Started in 1908 as a trading company of animal feeding in Maasland. Founded by Mr. Maarten van Buuren (1880–1940).

Kekkilä founded

Agronomoist Mikko Jortikka built a flourishing test garden for Kekkilä mansion. He tested fertilizers and nutrition needs of plants. Selling of commercial fertilizers started in 1924. In 1940 Hasslefors Garden started to pack and sell horticultural peat for households.

Substrates for professional horticulture

Since 1960’s BVB Substrate's focus shifted towards substrates for professional horticulture. Also Kekkilä started to sell professional growing substrates outside Europe. Sales of Superex fertilizers by Kekkilä started. 1961 Hasselfors Garden bought Solmull product to markets.

BVB Substrates starts production for consumers

BVB Substrates Started production for consumers. Further development with production of casing soil for mushrooms (Euroveen), substrates for soft fruit production, tree nurseries and landscaping. Kekkilä Garden and Hasselfors Garden came together in 2000.

Kekkilä-BVB founded

Kekkilä Group and and BVB Sustrates came together to form Kekkilä-BVB — the leading organic substrates company in the Europe.

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