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About Kekkilä-BVB

Kekkilä-BVB is the European leader in horticulture. We provide products and services for professional greenhouse growers, consumers and landscapers to over 100 countries world wide. Together with our customers we grow for a better future.

We make the world greener and healthier through our products and services

With 13 production locations throughout Europe, more than 500 employees and sales to more than 100 countries, Kekkilä-BVB is the largest European producer of substrates in the field of sustainable garden products for the professional horticulture and consumer market. Growing from the professional market, we deliver the highest quality substrates.

All our products contain easy-to-understand instructions so everyone can enjoy our products in a safe and sustainable way. We also produce tailor-made mixtures for private labels. Our products are tested and certified by RHP and Quality Mark Good Soil.