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Optimizing the water management in the landscaping business by 2022

January 8, 2020

Case: Water management through CityKross substrate in the landscaping business

Challenge – wateroptimization

In the future around 2/3 of the world’s population will live in areas where there is a lack of water. Lack of water is an ecological problem and an economical one as its use becomes more expensive. This can be seen in the Middle-East, where water is so scarce and expensive to use that yield is often expressed per liter of water rather than square meter or cubic meter. However, in other areas, such as the bustling city of Stockholm, Sweden, water is not scarce but plenty. With annual rainfall of around 555 mm, it is looking for solutions to help tackle damage from excess water such as storm water. Through our landscaping unit in Sweden, Hasselfors Garden Park, we provide solutions.

Action – mixed substrate for city environments

CityKross by Hasselfors Garden Park is a non-compact soil for plants in harsh city environments. The substrate is consisting out of crushed stone, biochar and green compost. It creates a porosity that is maintained despite stress from above such as traffic. The biochar is finely divided and collects nutrients from the soil liquid that the plants can utilize. The green compost contains both micro-life and nutrition, these components are released slowly to the benefit of the plant life grown on the mix.

Result – finding oxygen and moisture more easily

Due to the mix of materials, the roots of the plants find oxygen and moisture in the coarse pores. The plant bed can easily receive rainwater helping to reduce the impact from excess rainfall. Additional benefits are that the water is purified from pollution and that biochar has a positive impact on the establishment of microorganisms and favors the growth of mycorrhizae.

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