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Collaboration within the industry is the key to sustainability

May 14, 2020


When it comes to our fourth initiative in our sustaianbility roadmap, Biodiversity & Restoration, collaborating within the industry is a key to ensure that sustainable practices are widely followed. We are taking the Sustainability Agenda of Growing Media Europe (GME) forward with other European Growing Media companies.

Growing Media Europe AISBL is a non-profit industry association representing the producers of growing media and soil improvers at European level. We promote optimum legislation for our sector and act as focal point for political decision makers and stakeholders.”

GME and its members are committed to improve the environmental, economic and
social performance of growing media. GME promotes sustainability through developing an LCA standard, through transparency, accuracy and open dialogue, through the development of a Code of Practice and through promoting acknowledged certification schemes.

Please read the agenda and if you have any further questions, please contact Nina Kinnunen, Director Sustainability Brand & Communications, Kekkilä-BVB.