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Cultivating Miscanthus, an alternative raw material for growing media

July 25, 2023

Next to selling growing media for tree nurseries, Bram van Bommel has another mission. He enthuses local farmers and municipalities in the region of Limburg (The Netherlands) about the opportunity of cultivating Miscanthus, an alternative raw material for growing media.

Miscanthus offers several advantages. It has the ability to capture CO₂, requires minimal fertilizers, and demands very little water after the first and second year of growth. By promoting the local cultivation of Miscanthus near our production locations, we can establish a highly sustainable alternative raw material. This, in return, can reduce the need for peat in growing media used by professional growers.

In addition to benefiting the agricultural sector, it also provides an opportunity for municipalities to reduce their CO₂ footprint. Bram explains, “My main motivation in this project lies in exploring new raw materials for my segment, the tree nursery industry. Additionally, I am excited about the challenge of establishing regional cultivation practices that foster sustainable collaboration with these stakeholders.”

To facilitate the transition from traditional to alternative land use, Bram emphasizes the offer of providing support throughout the process. This includes assisting with the procurement of starting materials, managing the cultivation itself, and overseeing the harvesting stages. By offering this, “…we demonstrate our commitment to investing in a future centered around alternative raw materials and leading the way in sustainable practices.”

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how we can collaborate, please feel free to contact Bram van Bommel directly.