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Increasing biodiversity in urban areas

January 16, 2020

Target: Our actions significantly increase biodiversity in urban areas
Case: Rooftop substrate Dubai building


A green living environment in cities is as fundamental as food to ensure long-term liveability. Roof gardens help purify the air, reduce the concentration of fine particles, reduce the heat build-up and create water buffers in the city. Our Urban roof substrates and BVB Greenroll contribute to the greening and cooling of growing cities. The new substrates we develop for consumers can also improve the quality of life in urbanised regions.


Dubai has grown incredibly fast over the past decades. In excess of two million people are estimated to live in this glittering global city on the Persian Gulf. BVB Substrates worked on the greening of the metropolis. Positioned adjacent to the famous Dubai Opera and the world’s tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa is an artificial lake, where residents gather every evening to admire a spectacular fountain show. The building that houses the technical installations for the show used to be a bare, grey lump of concrete. Together with architects in the city and Knauf Insulation we looked for a way to make the roof greener. The solution had to be as light as possible, water saving and look green.


BVB Greenroll was the answer. This woven, thin stone wool mat formed the perfect under layer. This layer was covered by a smart irrigation system and then a vegetation layer comprising native grasses and sesuvium plants. These species have good drought tolerance. Anyone taking a photo from the Burj Khalifa looks out over this green oasis. The green roof has contributed to improving the living environment. It absorbs Co2 and fine particles, creates more nature and has an insulating effect. That is very welcome in the heat of Dubai.

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