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Kekkilä-BVB, the European market leader in horticulture expands its business to USA

July 13, 2020

Today, in conjunction with the virtual Cultivate 2020, the Finnish-Dutch company Kekkilä-BVB announces to expand its business to US horticultural market in full scale. The company holds extensive experience of advising professional growers and delivering high quality sustainable substrates to the most demanding customers around the world. One of Kekkilä-BVB’s brands, Dutch BVB Substrates, is already having a strong foothold in US market.

Already well known in US market, BVB Substrates for professional growing offers a wide product portfolio with outstanding qualities that stimulate and support desired plant growth. Exisiting customer base including organisations such as Nasa brings certainty to the future success. The mixtures Kekkilä-BVB bring to the American market are different from the ones usually used in this market. They are based on a totally different type of peat: the best peat of European origins.

“This is an important step in our growth strategy. With our solid experience, knowhow and production capacity we are best positioned to work together with the professional growers in the US market to ensure future food production sustainably”, says Juha Mäkinen, CEO of Kekkilä-BVB.

“We can cater the growers in the USA with a wide variation of blends, tailored to fit the exact needs of different crops, varying growing conditions and individual growers. All our substrates have one thing in common: the use of high-quality raw materials. An elementary part of our offering is sharing the knowhow in growing.” says Guido Linders, Director BU Professional growing of Kekkilä-BVB.

Main benefits our products bring to American greenhouse growers

Our products offer consistent performance and good properties throughout the growing period. With these growing media based on European peat the highest air-filled porosity, even without having to add perlite can be ensured. A maximum enhancement of root development can be gained thanks to a strong and stable structure with very low dust content and a proper drainage and over-all hydro dynamics.

Grow it like the Dutch.


For more information please contact:

Arjan Haasnoot, Sales Manager, Professional growing US for BVB Substrates  +1 805 8255202


Johan van Geest, Sales Director, Professional Growing, +31 658 862 859