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Adriaan Lieftinck, Co-Founder and CEO, Mezt

February 11, 2022

AL is co-founder and CEO of MEZT. MEZT is a TU Delt spin off. MEZT has applied innovative electrodialysis technology, developed at the TU Delft, in close co-operation with Wageningen University and Research (WUR) to extract ammonia nitrogen (and other minerals) from animal manure. With this technology we can eliminate the unwanted nitrogen emissions from agri sources (responsible for almost 50% of ammonia emissions in The Netherlands) with low energy consumption, high extraction rates and without adding chemicals or production of unwanted residuals. The recovered minerals are applicable as “bio-based circular fertilizers”. With adoption of this technology the agri sector can close the mineral loop on farm and prevent emissions of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and ammonia nitrogen. MEZT has a working prototype on farm scale available and we expect to be able to demonstrate the full solution train in a real farm setting this year (TRL 5-6).

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