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Innovations update: Dr. Adrie Veeken on advantages of compost and recycling

February 2, 2021

Speaking at the Grow 21 festival, Dr. Adrie Veeken, Research & Business Developer of Bio-based products at Attero, explains how compost offers amazing advantages as a rich growing medium.

Day 1 of the Grow21 virtual festival focuses on securing green areas and biodiversity in urban environments. Issues such as recycling are now an essential aspect of designing our cities.

In his presentation, Dr. Adrie Veeken, Research & Business Developer of Bio-based products at Attero, takes us on an insightful trip into the world of compost. By recycling organic materials that might be regarded as waste, compost can improve soil quality and provide plants with very beneficial nutrients.

Drawing on his long experience of organic waste treatment, Adrie will explain what it takes to produce compost that is suitable for use in the growing media sector. As well as detailing the many advantages it offers, he will also examine the associated challenges, elaborating on joint projects by Attero and Kekkilä-BVB to use compost more often as a growing medium.

Having worked in academia, consultancy, government and business, Adrie is ideally qualified to describe the benefits of compost – a powerful example of recycling with nature – and how it can improve soil fertility in urban agriculture, horticulture, landscaping, gardens and organic farming.

In 2008 Adrie joined the Waste Management Department of the Dutch government, working on international projects. Since 2011 he has been with the waste treatment company Attero, where he is at present Research & Business Developer of Bio-based products.

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