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Martin Moström, one of the most experienced Shopper Marketing experts in Sweden to speak at Grow21 Festival

January 21, 2021

How to reach the shopper in a connected world?

The world is changing quickly from offline to online to omnichannel where the shopping experience is expected to be completely seamless. What does this mean for our industry?

Day 2 of the Grow21 Festival focuses on consumer needs and behaviour. In a rapidly changing world hit by Covid-19, we need to carefully assess what kind of trends emerge and how the shoppers behave both in the physical outlets as well as in virtual shops.

Martin Moström, CEO and Strategic Advisor of Retail House and Retail Practice Leader at Lund University, is one of Sweden’s most experienced Shopper Marketing experts. He has worked on strategies and their

implementation with many grocery and retail chains as well as with larger supplier companies.

During his keynote, we will learn about the behaviour of the omnichannel shopper. What is the difference between a shopper and a consumer? How should we define a shopper’s path to purchase? We will get answers to these and many other questions – including 10 actions on how to improve the shopper perspective in the organization.

Martin’s keynote will be followed by a panel discussion on the topic ”The future of in-store marketing in a connected world”. He will participate the panel together with a group of highly experienced experts in the field:

Magnus Söderlund, Professor in Marketing and expert in customer behaviour and the role of the physical store at Stockholm School of Economics.

Roger Jackson, CEO Shopper Intelligence, specialized in data-driven sales development and in-store experience for brands and store chains.

Åsa Lindholm, Strategic Manager and In-store Consumer Experience & Communication at Coop Sweden

Rein Donselaar, Sales Manager Retail, Kekkilä-BVB BeNeLux. A profound lover of Retail and the interaction with the end consumer.

Martin’s keynote and the panel will be hosted by Jeanette Brorsson-Ekelund, Trade Marketing Specialist, Hasselfors Garden and it will be held on the 10 of February, 2021 online.