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Peter Hendriks, CEO Hoogendoorn Growth Management

January 27, 2021

Peter Hendriks has studied CommercialEconomics and Strategy & Organization and followed additional training in Artificial Intelligence. From 2021 onwards, he is the CEO of Hoogendoorn Growth Management. Peter has an excellent track record at several software development companies in the horticulture industry.

Before Hoogendoorn, Peter spent five years as the Managing Director of the fast-growing software company “”. Now, with Hoogendoorn, he aims to contribute to ‘feeding & greening the world’ by creating synergies between the latest tech developments, new plant physiology findings, and world-renowned growing expertise. All in his pursuit to sustainably increase customers’ ROI while leaving the planet in a better place. He considers Hoogendoorn the best place to actualize his ambitions: a flourishing company where personal responsibility and personal development are strongly valued.