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Promising customer trials are going to start

February 19, 2024

We have kicked off customer trials to test an innovative, sustainable and renewable substrate constituent. Seven growers from the Netherlands were eager to participate in the customer trials and soon growers from other countries will follow. The experience in real time conditions of the use of this material will provide us with valuable insights on the use, limitations and adaptability of the products, boosting its further development.

After intensive testing at our Kekkilä-BVB labs, the time had come for customer trials. During the kick-off Arjan Zwinkels and Lisa Zamparo facilitated a discussion about the sustainability of growing media constituents. It was explained that ‘fit for purpose’ is our starting point in any product we develop. By combining the strengths of different raw materials, our substrates can be optimized both for effectiveness and sustainability. The new raw material can play a perfect role in substrates of the future due to its properties and sustainability qualities.

Supported by our innovation team, product development and sales representatives we expect the trials to be a great learning experience for our growers and ourselves. The positive responses from the growers so far, serve as an encouraging indicator on the potential success of the trials.