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Rik Vera, Author, Business philosopher and Keynote speaker

February 10, 2022

Rik has been a C-level manager in large international (stock exchange as well as family-owned) companies for over 25 years, running global sales and marketing divisions, but also as a general manager overlooking all aspects of conducting a successful business. He was known to be a value creator, somebody that was able to turn lost cases into a profitable business, not by cost cutting, by questioning the status quo of business rules and by being creative.

Rik has always been intrigued by how technology could change the business models and how re-defining the building blocks could re-write the rules of the game rather than just trying to outrun competition. Rik has always put the customer experience at the heart of business and has made maximum use of people and new technologies to build business success. Building FEAST interfaces was the secret he now likes the share on stage, in workshops or in coaching: Fast, Easy, Accessible, Simple and Tempting.

On stage, in his workshops and coaching, Rik blends his vast business
experience, with his profound knowledge of all things digital, new business models and the way to organise the company and create the right culture to re-write the rules of the game, with his unique talent to energize people and inspire them so they want to actually move forward and be the change.

Rik is guaranteed to bring energy, fun and loads of ideas, concepts and
inspiration. He is being recognized as one of the leading thought leaders on
business models for a digital world and is being called a positive business
philosopher because of his talent to look upon businesses, people and society
and expose the opportunities rather than the barriers. Rik likes to de-hype the
hypes of the day and reveal what really matters. He is everything but middle of
the road and he doesn’t like boxes nor rigid rules. He shakes, rattles, rolls and
gets the audience or participants to re-wire. Antifragility is the name of the

Rik has written ‘Managers The Day After Tomorrow’ (2018) and ‘The guide to
the Ecosystem Economy’ (2021). He is an active producer of blogs, vlogs and
quotes to keep challenging the status quo.