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Sharing the knowledge about Fit For Purpose substrates

July 6, 2023

“It always energizes me to discuss plant growth and improving cultivation,” says Richard Bremmer, one of our colleagues behind the BVB Colleges. “Understanding the plants’ needs and creating Fit for Purpose substrates tailored to those needs can lead to significant achievements.”

Richard, along with his colleagues at BVB Substrates, develops, organizes, and presents the BVB colleges in both Dutch and English. These colleges provide an opportunity for professional growers to learn about sustainability and the impact of incorporating more renewable raw materials into their substrates on watering and nutrient strategies.

By attending these colleges, growers, including both customers and potential customers, gain valuable knowledge about overcoming cultivation challenges, managing pH (buffer) and nutrient availability, understanding plant physiology, and acquiring fundamental knowledge about substrates.

Also, the BVB colleges facilitate two-way communication. As we share our knowledge, we also gain insights into how growers are utilizing our substrates and how we can further enhance them to perfectly align with their cultivation strategies.