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Näsin Puistosilta: from a concrete bridge to a city terrace in Tampere

November 24, 2023

This urban green element in Tampere, Finland, is the result of a remarkable transformation that has taken place. The concrete bridge, Näsin Puistosilta, originally built in 1975 and stretching 225 meters, has been converted into a lively terrace for city residents. This innovative project is part of the larger effort to revitalize Tampere’s urban spaces.

Challenges and Innovations

Turning the bridge into a pedestrian and relaxation area presented unique challenges. The harsh conditions on the bridge, similar to those on a rocky island, meant that special planting substrates were needed for the vegetation to thrive.

Products like Kekkilä Läpäisevä kasvualusta (also know as Citykross at Hasselfors Garden and BVB Landscaping), Kekkilä Istutusmulta and Kekkilä Erikoismulta were used to create a suitable growing environment.

The Green Makeover

A year later, the bridge has blossomed into a green and lush area. The diverse plant life includes low and tall shrubs, grasses, flowering perennials, and bulbous plants, all carefully chosen to withstand the challenging conditions. The bridge is adorned with willows, sea buckthorns, various conifers, and Finnish junipers. This rich biodiversity forms a striking contrast to the concrete structure of the bridge, and brings life to the urban environment.

Integrated Urban Development

This transformation is part of the broader development of the Ranta-Tampella area, a former industrial zone now becoming a pleasant neighborhood for 3,000 residents. This Näsin Puistosilta bridge, along with the newly designed Ranta-Tampella urban area, showcases Tampere’s commitment to integrating natural elements into urban living spaces.

Unique Features and Accessibility

The bridge’s highest point features a wooden terrace, half a meter above the bridge deck, offering an unobstructed view of Lake Näsijärvi. The terrace, along with other spots and seating, invites residents to relax and enjoy the scenery. Notably, some of the chairs on the bridge are crafted from larch wood, sourced from the city’s own forests, adding a touch of local heritage to the site.

A Model for Urban Renewal

The Näsin Puistosilta project, exemplifies how existing infrastructure can be repurposed to enhance urban life with green landscaping. It stands as a testament to Tampere’s innovative approach to city planning, transforming a 1970s concrete bridge into a vibrant urban green park and an integral part of the city’s recreational network.

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Pictures: Petra Salonen, Project and Production Specialist at Kekkilä
Landscape architect: Maanlumo
Landscaper (builder): Puutarha-Center