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What role can AI play in the future of growing media?

August 15, 2023

While much of what Lisa Zamparo does in the lab remains behind closed doors, we are thrilled to share a groundbreaking partnership that she is a part of, around Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In the quest to shape the future of soil and substrates, data and AI will play a pivotal role. That’s why the Public-Private Partnership known as SoilProS was born.

To tackle these challenges head-on, AI-based machines will be trained, revolutionizing our understanding of how different raw materials impact the microbiology of our mixes and thereby the growth of different crops. It helps us in supporting our customers optimize their business.

This ambitious project brings together experts to analyze vast datasets encompassing soil and growing media biodiversity, as well as chemical and physical characteristics. The ultimate goal? To unlock the power of this information and predict the ideal combinations of crop varieties, seed mixtures, fertilizers, soil inocula, and growing media for the future. Of course, we must begin by understanding the current state.

Reflecting on her involvement, Lisa says: “It is truly exciting to be part of a movement driving sustainable food production for the future!” We couldn’t agree more.