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Worms – The future star players. Dr. Wieger Wamelink takes Grow21 to Mars

January 26, 2021

Securing biodiversity, building green areas and recycling are more important than ever in the design of future urban areas. What are the best ways to ensure these concepts are made real?


Day 1 of the GROW21 festival focuses on securing green areas and biodiversity in urban environments. The discussion will range from green cities of the future to the friendly microbes that ensure biodiversity within the soil.

Wieger Wamelink is Senior Ecologist at Wageningen University & Research, where he specialises in plant-soil relations and the effects of nitrogen deposition and climate change on plant species and vegetation.

In his Innovations update presentation, he will explore the wonderful world of worms, explaining the many benefits and possibilities of these ‘future star players’ of the soil. How might worms create more fertile soil for cultivating food and plants – not just on our planet, but also on the moon and Mars?

Join Dr. Wamelink for this highly informative and fun presentation… you’ll never look at a worm in quite the same way again.